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  • Caroline Anne Pelliccia

Resources for Constructing the Classic Cardigan Jacket

Coco Chanel, the designer behind her eponymous Chanel label, was born in France in 1883, and opened her first clothes shop in 1910. Her trademark suits with the classic cardigan style jacket are still popular today.

If you’d like to try your hand at making one of these jackets, here are some excellent resources. Be warned though, this jacket can easily take 50 hours to create!

A jacket from my studio - Caroline Anne Pelliccia CUSTOM COLLECTION

Craftsy Online Video Course

The Iconic Tweed Jacket with Lorna Knight” taught me a lot about how to cut and construct these jackets. She covers making a muslin, pattern layout and cutting the fashion fabric (including pattern matching, which can be tricky when you work with checked fabric), quilting the lining to the fashion fabric, construction sequence, adding trims, and, of course, adding the chain to the hemline to give the jacket a really luxurious finish.

Books & Patterns

Claire Schaeffer is a Chanel jacket collector, and a true aficionado, and her books have been invaluable to me. All are available on Amazon and in good bookstores. These two particularly relate to the classic jacket:

* Couture Sewing: The Couture Cardigan Jacket, Sewing secrets from a Chanel Collector

* Couture Sewing: Making Designer Trims

I make my own patterns, based on my SureFit Designs Body Blueprint, but, if you are not able to make your own patterns, there are lovely ones available from Claire Schaeffer too, for example Vogue V8804, V8991 and V9250, available from pattern stores, or on the Vogue patterns website.

Live, in-person classes

Susan Khalje is another accomplished fashion designer and teacher who offers wonderful courses on making these jackets, mainly in the USA. She also offers a “Paris Tour”, where students are able to buy fabric and other supplies at exclusive haute couture suppliers, and to visit artisan workshops. Susan has a video course for sale on her website too.

Courses from Lorna Knight at Craftsy, and Susan Khalje

Books and patterns from Claire Schaeffer

There is certainly no shortage of designers, teachers and sewers dedicated to producing and perfecting these fabulous jackets!

Why not have your own jacket made to your personal measurements, in colours and trims that reflect your individual style?

Complete the “Contact” form if you’d like to know more.

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