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  • Caroline Anne Pelliccia

Assemble a Savvy Selection of Shirts

Any list of women’s wardrobe essentials would be incomplete without the inclusion of a couple of shirts, particularly the classic white shirt.

The versatility of this item cannot be overstated. From casual wear, to the office, to evening wear, this is one piece that will never go out of style nor lose its street-chic appeal.

The ever glamorous Carolina Herrera. Her crisp white shirts have been her uniform for decades

The ever glamorous Carolina Herrera - crisp white shirts have been her uniform for decades

Of course, the classic white version doesn’t need to be the only hard-working shirt in your wardrobe. This style can also be updated with interesting fashion fabrics, as well as sleeve, pocket, collar and other details, adding endless options to your everyday style.

Why not find your prefect fit, and have a few made up in variations that suit your lifestyle?

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