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  • Caroline Anne Pelliccia

Custom Capsules

Although there are several aspects to consistently dressing well, the most important three probably relate to wearing colours that suit your skin tone, styles and fabrics that suit your body shape and lifestyle, and clothing that fits you properly.

We have varying skin tones...

Individual skin tones differ greatly

A variety of body shapes....

And quite different lifestyles...

While you can generally shop for good colours and styles, finding clothing that fits perfectly often seems completely impossible. So, we gravitate toward looser and softer garments that conform to, or cover up, our unique body shape, and we stay away from beautifully tailored clothing, which simply doesn't fit. We sacrifice style for comfort, and sometimes end up with a wardrobe that ages us unnecessarily.

Enter “Custom Capsules”...

We spend a day perfecting a dress and pants shell from your personal body measurements, and drawing up the basic patterns for these. If you design and sew your own clothing, you can take it from here.

Or, we could take the next step and analyze your personal skin tone, body shape and lifestyle, and compile a practical but beautiful capsule of perfectly fitting clothes just for you. Start with your most urgent basics, and have other garments made as and when you need them.

Imagine having a wardrobe where everything fits you comfortably, and that you look and feel good in no matter what you put on. And, you'd be amazed at how few clothes you actually need to dress well all the time.

Basic styles are on offer for dresses, jackets, skirts, tops and pants. Put them together in the best colours, fabrics and style variations for you!

Please complete the “Contact” form if you’d like to know more.

Until next time,


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